Friday, January 18, 2013

Updated Demo Reel

So it's been a while since my last post and thought I would post an update.  I've been pretty busy lately working on a 2D character animation which is about to wrap up in a couple weeks, but in my spare time I've also been developing my rigging & animation demo reel.

View my demo here:

Stephen Miranda - Animation and Rigging Demo Reel 2012 from Stephen Miranda on Vimeo.

There are just a few additions to the demo.  One, is Rosco fully-rendered (yay!).  I also took the liberty of adding an nCloth animation onto the mocap footage of him fighting.  It's a very subtle animation; since he is a big guy the shirt is taught on his body so I figured not much would move except the straps on his shoulders.  I added a slow-mo shot just to illustrate the movement.

Otherwise I'm still cranking out animation and living the dream!  I'll be sure to post screenshots as soon as they becomes available. 

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